Balanced Puppy and Dog Obedience Training with John Wade in London Ontario

John Wade has over 20 years experience helping London Ontario with puppy and dog obedience. Teaching dogs to Stay – Come – Heel on a Loose Leash – No Matter What! – without Food or Fear!

Join a Free Puppy Socialization classes or if you’re having some trouble with excessive barking, house soiling, separation anxiety or aggression – call or email John for a Free Telephone Consultation about your dog’s behaviour problem.

Join a Group class or Book John for In-Home Training and John will help you train for real life . No time wasted on geometric patterns around pylons. We’ll focus on the practical stuff – getting your dog to stay when the door bell rings or you’re having dinner, walking past distractions like other dogs and squirrels and teaching your dog to come so you can let him or her off leash for more exercise.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don’t think you get your money’s worth – you get your money back!

Also visit to learn more about just doing something fun with your dog. Teach (and tire your dog out) to search your house, your yard or even your vehicle (just like a police dog) to find specially hidden scents. You can Try a Nosey Dog Class for free!